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If you are tired of a low paying job, or a job you hate to go to every day…If you want to learn a Trade that pays from $25.00 to $60.00 plus per hour…If you can invest 1 to 3 months training in the comfort of you own home or surroundings…THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!

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Are you sincere about learning the great trade of bricklaying, one that has not changed much in over 5000 years? This trade won’t be replaced by any machine. A trade that will NEVER be shipped to another country with cheap foreign labor, then sent back to the USA as a finished product to be sold to Americans.

If so, then bricklaying IS the trade for YOU. There is not a Quality, Certified Bricklayer or Mason in the USA and Canada who is not working unless you choose not to, even in today’s economy – unless they choose not to. If you currently have a job you don’t like, either because of low wages, job security, or you don’t like your boss, then Bricklaying IS the trade for YOU.


Learn to Lay Brick in 1 Day - $47.00


The Apprentice Course is meant for hobbyists and homeowners. The Master Mason Course is meant for people who want to become professional bricklayers. The Master Mason Course includes our book, The Secret To Squaring Up Buildings, in easy-to-read PDF format, and also our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

The Five (5) Hour Master Mason Course

  • 5 Hour Video Course – For those wanting to get certified and get a job!
  • Detailed Guide for Self-Study
  • Charlie’s book, The Secret To Squaring Up Buildings
  • $299.97 on DVD
  • $199.97 as a digital download, PC and Mac versions

The Five (5) Hour Apprentice Mason Course

  • Perfect for the Hobbyist or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Crowd
  • $229.97 on DVD
  • $129.97 as a digital download, PC and Mac versions

Finance-The-CourseWant to purchase the course but don’t have the full amount.  Now You Can!  CLICK ON IMAGE!

CALL  or EMAIL clcbrickman@gmail.com


If you want to register for a free copy of our $47.00 video “Learn How To Lay Brick in One Day”, complete the simple form at bottom of the page with your name and email address.  Please include a message to let us know why you may be interested in the course and when you plan to purchase, and how you heard about us.  If you want someone to call, be sure to include your phone number in the same message box.

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